We are the Destroyer

by Midgard

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released July 31, 2015

Alex Shalenko - Vocals / Guitar
Travis Boylls - Guitar
Jenn Boylls - Bass Guitar
Ryan Willis - Drums

Recorded and mixed by Eric Madrid at Enharmonic Studios, Colorado Springs, Colorado



all rights reserved


Midgard Colorado

With the unique sound that draws on melodic death, doom, and power metal, the Colorado, USA metallers MIDGARD released two EPs and a web single to some acclaim between 2001 and 2005. The band maintained the core of its sound while continuing to evolve on 2012's comeback full-length "Satellite" and its 2015 follow-up "We are the Destroyer". ... more

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Track Name: We are the Destroyer
We are the shadow, we are the light
We are the truth, the sound of promise denied
We are the mirror of burning souls
The quantum destroyer of the multiverse

We are the freedom to run astray
The boiling urge to seize and devour the day
Diminish the chances, defy the lives
Our choice is made, we are the end of times

We are the end of times

We will become the damage, we will become the fire
Fragmented resolutions of penitent desire
Devourers of eternities, our struggle infinite
Ascending through the ages to ruinous zenith

We are the dissolution, we are the final void
We are the incarnation of dimensions we destroyed
We hold the termination of joy and misery
We are the liberation of darkness under key

We are becoming much more than this
We are the bane of light

We are the hatred of status quo
We are the vengeance of all the desires ignored
We are the chaos, entropic rush
Defy the odds, we are the wrath of god
Track Name: Storm Clouds Over Cydonia
Is this fantasia in shades of red and gold?
Bane of my destiny, synaptic overload
The search for meaning behind the stars
As daylight fades away, I dream of Mars

New delight, metal sight, question of escape unending
Idle hands, idle mind, consumption of your understanding
Master plan, memory's end, solace of your dull existence
On demand by our command – to become the chosen one

I dream of Mars
I dream of Mars

Was my entire life a lie? A guise for unwholesome truth?
As I look at the steel sky, what do I have to lose?

Question everything – my solace and demise
My fate is not mine under alien skies

I am the pawn
I am the end

Now I stand before the division
The fate of two worlds in my hand
Dare I turn back? Dare I stand back?
It is all my choice

I am the pawn
I am the end

Storm clouds gather
For the first time in a billion years
Sun falls down on the alien sand
The face of Cydonia

Storm clouds gather
I make my stand
Will it end when I open my eyes?
The fate of Cydonia
Track Name: The Last Rose of August
In silence I bear this sacrament
Beneath the veneer of elegance
Consecrated with the orchids of dawn
The seed of secret penance

Our citadel surrendered to ravages of time
Our fate, the veins of lightning forgotten
Chameleonic portents and fears
Lived in the shadow of autumn

The questions of faith in our words
The questions of faith in our reason
The ark of deliverance lost
With last parting breath of the season

In silence we pass the netherworld
Where dwell the nightmares of pure creation
Rolling sands cast in forlorn sacrilege
Covetous eyes of the sea

And the clouds keep falling, amaranthine
The storm cries our names like a harbinger of winter
Hands drift apart with little to say
Here it is, the last rose of August

The story is over and there is no other side
The malachite dream is buried forever
Here I am, and only memory remains
Here I am, nothing left to say
Track Name: Black Out the Sun
Shadow atrocities
A nation under the gun
Disinformation campaign
Shock waves of fake crisis

Bleed out the truth, self-immolate for country, money, fame, or faith
Forget our past, forget the signs, for this is where we draw the line

Blind no more
False causes are gone
Forget enforced tranquility
We are the antagonist

To look beyond comforting lies, past our divisions and disguise
Black out the sun, tear at the seams, and watch the final truth come clean

Black out the sun

We will not be deceived
Led astray from the light
And in the end
History will remember the truth
Track Name: Kaleidoscopic
Fire, plasma burns, sacrificial life-giver
All the time in a grasp of a hand
Nucleonic disharmonic the pattern lives
Kaleidoscopic sun, spectrum of a god

One billion lives in every breath
The solar pulse in our blood

We are brothers under the nuclear eye
Borders and continents without meaning
Children of supernovae
To the stardust we shall return

Invisible colors, born of aphotic art
Distorted time and space
Signals from hydrogen creation
Kaleidoscopic sun, symbol from above

For the souls fragmented
For the light that shines
In the endless spectrum
We are one

We are brothers under the nuclear eye
Borders and continents without meaning
Children of supernovae
To the stardust we shall return

We are brothers made of stardust
The ultimate equation
Children of the solar wind
Pushing back the curtain of the night
Track Name: The Seed of Creation
Faithless worlds sung into being
Creation mired on cosmic strings
A quantum mote inside god's eye
Insipid flaw in the design

And the question sails on the wind
Have we come this way before?
One true mythology
The seed of creation?

And the answers are still elusive
Who are we? What are we here for?
Does it have to end
Before it begins?

Elements shaped from particle foam
Forgotten science given form
Stars our legacy, myth our home
The face of light in clouds reborn

The sins of Ymir, fate of the Norns
In a flash of fire, a galaxy is born
Yggdrasil, spine of the multiverse
Out of entropy, Asgard's rebirth

Infinite ways, immortal worlds
Within a grasp of stellar force
The eye of Odin, wrath of the storm
An endless cycle given form

The sins of Ymir, fate of the Norns
In a flash of fire, a galaxy is born
Yggdrasil, spine of the multiverse
Out of entropy, Asgard's rebirth

And it is almost within our grasp
Made of starlight and belief
Unseen galaxies and dimensions
Sprouting from the seed of creation
Track Name: Victory or Death
Beyond the gates of thunder
Beyond the fire
Beyond the molten mess of men's desires

Our banner proudly waves
In frigid mountain air
Unbound, unbroken we shall swear

That we shall conquer all the way to paradise
Leaving nothing in our wake

It's victory or death

And we shall slaughter all who pray for our demise
From here there's no turning back

It's victory or death
Track Name: Sky Full of Ghosts
There’s a special place in heaven
A chapel made of wounds
Where fragments of realities
Stir uneasy in their tombs

There is a scar-shaped hole in my memory
All things are washed away
On decaying shore, when the light is too slow
Dead stars hear your name

In the sky full of ghosts
I see your face
In the sky full of, the sky full of ghosts

Some things just cannot be
Some truths can’t be denied
A string of broken worlds
My quantum suicide

There is a wound in every tomorrow
A physicist and a gun
In this endless space we ride the quantum waves
In tune with the dying stars

We are all too finite in the macroscopic sight
A play on probabilities, end of the multiverse

In the sky full of ghosts
I see your face
In the sky full of, the sky full of ghosts

In the sky full of ghosts
I see your face
In the sky full of ghosts we are immortal

And as the world burns and reality crumbles in its final dissolution
As the destroyer rises and consumes the dying sun
As matter and energy surrender to the starless eternity
We will be the last things you will see